Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to grow your brand, branding is an integral part of marketing any business. It establishes your business identity and ensures you stand out from competitors. Branding involves developing a unique and consistent image for your business that acts as an identifying market for your company. It differentiates you and gives your customers something to recognize you by. 

A strong brand identity goes beyond just your products and how they look. Your brand identity includes your tone, customer approach, and how you engage them. Branding allows people to identify with your business and products, extending to increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases. 

The benefits of branding well are numerous. It helps you create a sense of trust with customers such that once they see your logo, they know it’s you. Putting special effort into your branding, especially physically, can make your customers take pride in what you do and identify with you. 

To begin your branding journey, you must first think about what you want people’s perception to be of your product and service. Then, put the underlisted elements in mind to perfect it. These are the essential elements to keep careful attention to in your branding. 

Your logo 

Your logo should capture the essence of your brand, its uniqueness, and your primary signature. Ensure that you have variations that can be alternatively used for different reasons. It is also vital that your logo renders nicely even when it is small-sized. 

Your brand colors 

Modern design requires consistency, so make sure your choice of colors is what you really want. You do not have to choose only one color; you can select a primary one and use variations of it or colors that complement it. Your color choices will most likely reflect in all your brand materials, so ensure that it is catchy but reflects the imagery and feel you are going for. You might find studying color theory helpful in choosing your brand colors. 

Choice of fonts 

By rule, you need three fonts, a primary and two secondary ones. The main point to look out for isn’t exactly aesthetics but how legible it is. There is no point in using an aesthetic, cursive font if it does not display properly anywhere. Ensure that it also complements your chosen logo, as the both of them will be displayed on your brand materials. 

Your Brand Voice 

This communicates a specific idea of your business. You should put thought into how you want to be perceived. Do you want to sound warm and friendly? Luxurious? Professional? Your brand voice will be reflected in your copies, whether on a website, on ads, or on social media. This is why you should carefully consider the words you use, as they impact your brand perception. If you are not great with words, you can outsource your branding task to an agency like Windy City Strategies. We help businesses with general branding and internet marketing services. 

Windy City Strategies can help you communicate your brand purpose through user-centered design, website design, and internet marketing strategy development. Contact us here to start your branding journey.