Experian Hitwise released a study that Bing users click search engine results 81.54% of the time, well over Google’s 65.58%. Their theory? Bing results are more accurate and relevant than Google’s, thus commanding the greater click-through rate.
Although, if Bing is really copying Google’s search results, how would that even be possible? Yeah, I went there.
Some Google defenders point out that since Google has a 3:1 market share lead over Bing, then the margin of error makes those numbers apples to oranges. But from a market research standpoint, the huge sample size should make the numbers statistically relevant.
So, what’s another possibility? Perhaps Bing users are users who never switched their PC’s default search engine browser, and simply click the first result they see, relevant or not. Whereas, Google users are more selective in clicking, because they know what they’re looking for. But even if that’s the case, that shows that Google users aren’t finding what they’re looking for quickly enough, and Google search results do indeed need to be improved.