Using Google Analytics may give you insight on who’s seeing your website and how they’re finding you. Understanding your target audience, you can better communicate and market toward your following. Windy City Strategies recommends the following custom reports on Google to help you connect with your audience and learn more about your niche.
Unique Visitors by Page: This report shows you what keywords are successful. Each time your business gets a visit, the Unique Visitors report will record the visit’s source and the keyword they used. You can track how your users found you – whether they used Google, Bing, or another search engine – and identify specific keywords.
Conversions by Date and Time: This report can show exactly when your business is being found. This report is useful for establishing specific times to make your PPC campaign most active. You can use this information to find out what pages are most popular at what time, timing your business’s visibility perfectly.
Customer Behavior: The Customer Behavior report specifies the actions between new and returning customers. It tracks traffic, conversions, and events and how new and returning customers react to your page. By distinguish between your returning customers and new customers gives you new insight. Find out why your following keeps coming back and understand how people find you.
Top Converting Landing Pages: This report shows you your best landing pages. Understand how each page is performing based on goal completions and values. This report will help you understand what gets the most attention and identifies your business’s weak spots.
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