We’re one step closer to never having to get up again.
Some major league sports stadiums have little digital kiosks in special seating that let you order concessions digitally. This is cool. But, it’s also very expensive for the stadium. But, what if that same functionality could take place on one’s phone? Take away the infrastructure costs, and that changes everything.
Yorder is a geolocation app that does just this – allowing sports fans to order food right from the comfort of their seats, and have that food delivered directly to them. The San Jose Quakes Major League Soccer team currently uses the mobile app, which includes a 1 dollar convenience fee and a 15-20 minute wait time. Both those items need to change, and probably will over time. But, I’m not the only one who’s going to be tempted to order a bucket of O’doules for the annoying guy two rows down with the foam finger, right?