Define Display Advertising? Display advertisements are banner ads that can appear throughout websites. When going to new sites or your favorite you see advertisements placed all over on the page. Which is called remarketing advertisements.
Here are a few target display ads for certain audiences:
Website Content: Say you’re reading an article about dental equipment. The advertising software will then place ads from websites to sell just dental equipment on that particular page.
Geographic Location:  You can put ads on a geographic location, that can target an area near your practice.
Gender: Data is taken upon the gender of the user and everything appeals more to males than to women. For example, if you go to a site that shows how to take apart an engine the ads on that site well be directed towards men.
Medical marketing and display advertisements once you combined them into one, you can set-up a target demographic. Doing this you will limit the ads that can be shown, and it’s important to make sure clicks don’t get wasted, (because you pay for every time that someone clicks on that link or page.)
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