With 2015 just around the corner, new federal regulations are forcing many healthcare practices to go digital. They struggle to find their footing in the digital arena, and they are going to face high costs and risk of penalties. Which is understandable when you switch to a digital future for your business.
High Costs
With 2015 Medicare starting they withhold 1% of payments from providers who do not use electronic health records. When they fail to follow the enrollment in the federal program they lose another 1.5%. Next fall the American Medical Association estimates the cost for a small practice $56,639 and $226,105 to implement.
Risk Penalties 
Practices are overwhelmed by impending payments and fear the risk of medical errors. Having decrease in staff productivity may cause the use of complicated technology. Other practices wonder if their staff and the new computer systems will be ready in time for them to use and get adapted to.
Early this year Oxford Economics and SAP conducted a global study of about 54,000 employees that found that medical workers are concerned about the new technology that will cause their position to change or make them “obsolete.”
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