Like with any business, things change. Search engine optimization is constantly changing, which means SEO writers and businesses need to adapt. Yes, I know, we al hate change, but change is a part of any business. Adapting to their changes and ongoing education is important if you want to succeed in SEO. This can be challenging, but hey, who doesn’t like a challenge?
Searching for Profit founder Amanda Watlington recently discussed some growing trends in the search industry and how to understand the change in search landscape. An example is the possible inclusion of site speed as a ranking factor in Google. A major issue is that fact that businesses and clients of SEOs are not eager to spend the time and money needed to make these adjustments to their sites to optimize for speed. In reality, this is the best thing for their customer’s experience.
Another problem is personalized search. Many companies don’t understand that not everyone will see the same search results for any given query, which can be hard for SEOs to convince them this.
A big obstacle is the budget. Businesses are being tight with their money and they are demanding for better results without seeing the “big picture.” This is where search engine optimization professionals come in and educate them as best as they can. SEOs need to find instances to back up their case for those “tight-budgeting” businesses.