Now, StumbleUpon allows users to personalizes their online search exploration. Before, you were limited to a pre-set number of broad interest categories, approximately 500. You wanted to find sites about Christian Indie Rock? Today you can. Before, “Alternative Rock” was probably your closest shot.
Apparently, this Explore Box new feature was StumbleUpon’s plan all along. It was just a matter of controlled growth – knowing that they’d have the resources to make it a reality. As StumbleUpon has become a huge and lasting Web presence, it’s exciting to see it become more and more like a content engine, even though the company claims they “ultimately have no ambitions of making this a search replacement.”
That’s because the point of StumbleUpon is to help you find things you may be interested in, not specific pieces of content you’re already looking for. This new Explore Box strikes that balance really nicely.