As many business owners already know, marketing on social networks is crucial to your business.  This is very much a vital part of building and keeping relationships.  Marketing automation can almost double your social marketing effect.  With strategies like these and the help of Windy City Strategies, social marketing can help you build and maintain lasting, personalized relationships with your customers.

If your social marketing is fully integrated with your marketing automation, you can also use it to develop relationships with early-stage prospects, gather data, nurture leads, and turn customers into advocates.  Featured below are ways that marketing automation can amplify the power of your social marketing.

Stay in touch and run social marketing.

With frequent blogs and press releases, our system makes social engagement simple, allowing organizations to place polls on any Facebook tab or company landing page.  Polls are an easy way to collect contact information, and if a visitor shares your content, your marketing automation can also collect that data, which will be tied to their record as a known lead.

Map social engagement to your sales funnel.

If you are mapping engagement to every touch point throughout the sales funnel, you can see clearly how each moment of engagement affects each prospect.  If your social applications are integrated into your marketing automation, you can track individual leads (and customers) as they interact with your campaigns.