Starbucks has introduced mobile payments throughout their U.S. stores. This means that, as of today, you can pay for your morning coffee using your smartphone.
Now, first off, let me tip my hat to Starbucks. Because they are the perfect retailer to toe the water with this new technology. Think about it. The person willing to pay $3 or more for coffee in the morning is much more likely to have a smartphone than the rest of the population. In fact, with no data to back me up, I bet Starbucks customers have a greater percentage of smart phones than nearly any other mass retailer or eatery.
But, these mobile payments may not be exactly what you think. Because you pay using your Starbucks Card via mobile app. You can’t pay with your standard credit card yet. You have to transfer funds to your Starbucks Card. And that’s one step too many in the future.
But for now, it’s pretty cool.