With the Internet playing a bigger role in research, pay-per-click advertising proved an increased necessity over the course of 2012. With the success of this strategy and its cost effectiveness, businesses are realizing that online advertising is essential.
Last year businesses saw increased returns from Product Listing Advertising while advertising costs fell. This increased revenue prompted businesses to increase their pay-per-click budgets. Since PPC proves to pay off, more businesses are encouraged to participate in online advertising. As more businesses utilize PLA and PPC, prominence on the Internet is harder to achieve. So businesses must keep their online campaigns fresh to stand out from their competitors.
With this is mind, businesses should prepare to update their online presence. To start 2013 off right, Windy City Strategies offers this advice to keep your business relevant on the web.
1. New Ad Formats
At the beginning of 2013, Yahoo! launched a new ad format called cost-per-lead. This format allows advertisers to start leads directly from the search page. This makes signing up easier and saves customers’ time. Increased efficiency starting on the search page makes your business’s website more appealing.
2. Attention to Psychographics
With the increased use of Google+, Google is collecting more data about the popularity of certain sites. This information will be used for Google’s Remarketing 3.0. Incorporating this information will help Google better direct ads to consumers, so that ads are better matched to their viewers.
3. PPC To Grow in 2013
As online advertising becomes more popular, more businesses are getting on board. Consumers are flooded with business advertisements, so your business needs a creative ad to attract their customers. Incorporating new elements, like catchy content and efficient formats will help set your business apart.
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