Spotify is making some big news in the music industry right now. It’s been called “music’s savior.” It’s been deemed “just the thing to make music exploration fun again.”
And now, it has Napster Founder Sean Parker’s admiration.

Today represents the realization of a dream. For a decade I have waited for a music service that could rekindle my excitement about music by enabling music to be shared freely across the world — all the while empowering artists to reap the economic benefits of selling their music. Spotify is the service I have been waiting for.

Spotify is about social sharing. Helping your friends listen to new music. And learning about new music from your friends. The Free package offers on-demand access to over 15 million songs, with ad breaks. Unlimited costs $4.99/mo and loses the ads. Premium costs $9.99/mo and allows streaming access to the entire Spotify library on- and offline as well as via mobile.
Beg your friends for an invite if you have to. You need to check this out.