Solve Media has come up with something really clever here to evolve the standard captcha tool. They’ve solved three problems at once. The ultimate win-win-win scenario. They have combined a Website’s need for user authentication with an advertiser‘s need for consumer attention – with a user’s desire for site simplicity and speed.
Captcha tools are tools that help Websites know if there’s a really user there – to prevent spamming. Thus begins the process for you to read the unfamiliar Scrabble scramble of letters to get through.
What Solve Media has done is replace the traditional scramble captcha with advertising text. The user must type in the advertising text labeled within quotation marks – typically a brand message or slogan.
Typing in an actual word rather than a scramble takes users less time. Advertisers get undivided attention and on-brand messaging. And the site gets advertising money. Win-win-win.