Pepsi has introduced an innovative new concept. The social gifting of physical objects. It’s what they’ve labeled the Social Vending System“. And while super cool, I have absolutely no idea whether or not it’s going to catch on.
You can use the vending machine in its traditional form – to buy a beverage. Or you can gift a beverage to a friend. You buy it, and it e-mails your friend a code they can use to obtain their complimentary beverage at any like vending machine.
So, this is cool. But how practical is it? Are you really going to gift someone a Pepsi – cheapskate? But what about the idea of a wire service. Your wife forgets her wallet, and wants to buy a Pepsi. So, she calls you up, and has you buy her one online. You give her the code, and her thirst is quenched. Now, that’s something.