With so many people using Twitter and Facebook, your business’s posts may get lost in the rubble. Standing out from your competitors may be the key to creating an advantageous, personal connection between your business and customers. Windy City Strategies can help your business incorporate the following tactics to connect with your customers on a personal level.
1. Interact with your followers.
Carrying conversations with your followers shows that your business pays attention to the customers’ satisfaction. Your posts can show your business’s personality and enhance a campaign’s spirit. This reinforcement of the message will help your campaign’s message transcend and perhaps become a mantra for your business. A stronger following and belief in your campaign will help spread the message to others and could become viral.
2. Be aware of cultural trends.
Businesses are generally good about keeping up with specialize marketing for holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but businesses should be aware of the latest local trends too. Small businesses especially should involve themselves in the community – keeping up with the local high school sports teams, new mom-and-pop store openings, community celebrations and anniversaries. This can interest customers within your business’s reach and spread the word of your business. Community members would be enticed and eager to share their experiences with your business.
3. Stay consistent.
When posting things online, customers may get tired of checking back everyday for new content. Posting regularly helps build your business into customers’ schedules. If they know your business will post a coupon weekly, they’ll be more inclined to visit and pay attention to your other events.
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