When setting up your AdWords or AdCenter account, setting up the location and language preference is one of the most important things to be done.  Think about it, if you target the wrong area or don’t do it at all you risk showing your ad to people that are not in your area and all you do is waste your marketing dollars, and then complain that pay per click advertising does not work.  We hear this quite often, and for us at Windy City Strategies, we find that to be horrible, because there is no other marketing that you can put an ad in front of somebody looking for your service at the exact moment that they are looking for you and only pay when they click on you.  Other  factors like the Content Network stifle budgets too, but that is for another blog 🙂
Here is how you set it up correctly within AdWords:
1. Whether you are new to AdWords or have an existing account, it is in the same spot: Campaign Settings.
2. Once you get in there scroll down to Locations.
3. Here you pick out the city.  You can do a couple things here.  Pick out all the cities you want your clients coming from, or pick the city you are in and do a mile radius of around 20 miles.  This is based on IP Adresses, so Google does recommend at least a 10 mile radius.  Better to go too small than too big and not be correctly targeted.  Either way works on targeting.
4.  Hit save.
5. Now you have to test if you are targeted correctly.  Are you getting calls at least?  If you went too big of an area, you will get calls from cities you do not want, so narrow the search a bit.  Test, test, test 🙂  This will really help your Dental Internet marketing.
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By Bjorn Torling