Isn’t Web design already supposed to be about abbreviated content?
Regardless, as we become more and more busy, we’re looking for ways to save as much time as possible. And TopicMarks has developed a semantic text technology that essentially creates Cliffs Notes for Web content. The technology analyzes the text and is able to extract the most important information.
I don’t really understand how this can be as good as we all want it to be. And I watched Watson on Jeopardy. I get the power of computing these days. And that’s why I’m skeptical. Watson isn’t close to a human yet, in terms of speed or creative ability. And the latter is how Cliffs notes are made – understand the true essence of Website information, and reducing it to an abstract for easy digestability.
I can see how TopicMarks will assume that repeated words and phrases are more important. But if that’s its main strength, I don’t think we’re ready to start burning down libraries just yet.