Seesmic Desktop has long been a favorite social media management tool for professionals. A desktop application that allows you to manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles all in one place.
Now, Seesmic Desktop 2 features a whole new assortment of plug-ins, allowing you to manage a potentially infinite number of social media services, all within Seesmic.
Now, this is great. Especially for social media managers. One place to organize and keep track of multiple accounts, multiple services. But, is Seesmic Desktop 2 the best choice for the average person?
I guess that’s up to the person. With social media extensions through Chrome, using Chromed Bird to manage your Twitter account is much more beneficial to the average user. You stay in your browser – the same place you’re doing most of your work each day. You don’t leave to go check out the Twitter world. You simply click the Twitter icon in your browser, and your Twitter timeline  overlays the top right of your screen. Easy to instantly check, and get back to work. Plus, the icon itself turns from red to green if something has @ mentioned you.
Seesmic Desktop 2 is great for social media pros who do nothing else. For the rest of us, check out the latest Google Chrome extensions.