Being successful with search engine marketing can be complicated in some ways and easier in others. Bing’s Stefan Weitz said in an interview that, “There’s way more opportunities now I think in search than there were even a couple years ago when folks were very focused on being the number 1 algo link on an organic search result…You just have to kind of think beyond the current model.”
An example Weitz gave was to Bing Maps application, Photosynth, where businesses can take photos of every angle of their establishment and let Bing put them together so users can see every part of the business. If you’re a restaurant, you can let customers see that your “tablecloths are clean” and the “silverware is polished.” Photosynth is going to be a great tool for businesses because it can be a great and helpful tool to bring in customers.
This is proof that search engine marketing is dramatically changing and opening up a new way for people to get information.