There’s a new Web browser taking the tech world by storm. RockMelt, introduced this past weekend, promises to make it “easy for you do the things you do every single day on the Web.”
After watching a couple of demo videos (including the one embedded above), my take on Rockmelt was simply that it was Google Chrome with new Chrome extensions and a Facebook sidebar. And it turns out, I wasn’t far off.
Because the makers of RockMelt, who are backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreesen, utilized Chromium, Google’s open-source browser platform, to develop RockMelt.
So, I guess I don’t exactly know what to make of it. It’s cool. But are all the features that RockMelt has created simply going to be released as Chrome extensions in the very near future? And if so, why don’t I just stick with Chrome, which gets updated every 6 weeks by a massive builder team? But if your browser experience centers completely around social networking, and you’re simply unsatisfied with existing Chrome extensions for Facebook and Twitter, RockMelt may be the perfect browser for you.