Start naming some product comparison sites. Yup. Yes. Ok. Yeah, that one. Ok, that’s enough.
Now, these sites are wonderful. They’ve literally taken away the awfulness that used to be “blind shopping”. Wrongfully assuming that all retail pricing was created equal. But rather than create a new kind of comparison shopping, Just Buy This One offers something very different. With a goal, not of bringing new information to the pile, but making it even easier just to pull the trigger.
Utilizing the +1 million reviews from their parent website, Reevoo, Just Buy This One takes these cumulative ratings to offer a simple, single recommendation for each product category. Think of it as an algorithmic version of Consumer Reports with no list other than their #1 recommendation.
Want to buy a TV under 650 pounds (UK currency)? They recommend the LG 37LE5900 37 in. LED model. That’s it.
Now, if you want  more information, you can click to get it. But most consumers just want to make sure they’re not getting a lemon, and not getting screwed on the price. Just Buy This One seeks to make both easy.