Reaching your target audience is the goal of any pay per click management account, and Google announced new plans that will help you achieve this goal easier. By using the Google content network, you can match ads to the topic or theme of a web page, but now Google is also going to match the interests of a user too, so you can reach even more customers. This new interest-based advertising is going to be rolled out fully sometime at the end of 2009, but currently they are offering it in a beta version, and you can participate by filling out this form.
Now what does the interest-based advertising do? You will be able to reach potential customers based on previous interactions to your website by seeing their interests. By analyzing the interests of visitors to your website, you can create campaigns targeted to those interests. Whether it is branding your site or increasing awareness this is going to be a powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of your pay per click management campaign.
Now as a user, internet-based advertising is going to increase the relevancy of your searches, and by visiting Google’s ads preferences manager, you can see what interest-based categories Google has already placed you in, and you can add new interests into your profile, and even delete categories. You can also find the ads preferences manager by clicking on the “ads by Google” links that you will see by searching on the web. For more information on the interest-based advertising program that Google is rolling out, please visit this Google blog.