It seems people are not enjoying Chrome. Which is strange because many people who live in the U.S., Mexico and Canada enjoy Internet Explorer. At least that’s what Quantcast date is implying.
Quantcast, which measure and profiles audiences all over the world for advertisers, has released their data concerning browsers’ market shares. These stats addressed usage in seven different geographic regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.
Surprisingly, Chrome is the least successful in North America. Firefox isn’t catching on either. It seems that in North America, Internet Explorer is the best stronghold.
According to Quantcast, Chrome does best in South America. Firefox’s largest market is in Europe and Internet Explorer is the smallest.
Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote, “At the very least it means that we North Americans should remember where we stand in terms of online sophistication by our mainstream population, relative to some other places in the world.”