Within the past year, original content has become more important due to Google’s changing search algorithms. However, search engine marketers do not categorize content writing under SEO. Since search engines are looking for original, quality content more than ever, now is the time for search marketers and content writers work together to produce the best content possible.
Windy City Strategies aims to work closely with your business to create quality content for your website. Whether your business writes content in-house, or we write your website’s content for you, we make sure it meets SEO standards and holds accuracy. Together, we’ll create content that conveys your business’s purpose and branding by using the appropriate tone and including keywords. Increased collaboration between the content writing and SEO teams should result in higher visibility on search engines and improve a content’s caliber.
Windy City Strategies is committed to working closely with your business to write content that encompasses your business’s message accurately while catching search engines’ attention. To learn more about our SEO campaigns and content writing, contact us today.