Search engine firm Startpage, and its E.U. brand, Ixquick, has released a new proxy service that let’s users search the web in privacy. You can now browse Web sites anonymously, without sharing any private or personally identifiable information to the Web sites they view.
When you conduct a search on Startpage, you will see a clickable “proxy” option below each search results. When this is selected, Startpage acts as a go-between to retrieve the page and display it in a privacy-protected window.
“People are more concerned about online data retention policies than ever before,” said CEO Robert Beens.
“We wanted to offer them a useful tool and this proxy is a logical extension of our services. A search engine is a starting point for people to visit other pages. Now our users can take the privacy they get with Startpage to the next step, and go privately to the sites they have found as well. This proxy completes the total search privacy picture.”
According to Startpage, it does not record IP addresses, make a record of users’ searches or record details about proxy usage.