Every time Google updates their algorithms, SEO experts everywhere tense up.
“Is Google changing what they like? Will this help my site? Will this hurt my site?”
Here is a quick SEO safety guide to prepare you for the next Google Panda Update, so that when it comes, you won’t be freaking out.
Google seems to not like sites dependent on ad revenue. Now, this is a really tough one – especially if you’re solely dependent on online ad revenue. But, maybe tone it down if you can, so you appear to be more interested in being a content resource than an ad hock middleman.
Content length matters. Here’s a really tricky one. It’s getting harder and harder to keep people’s attention online. So, we’ve been trimming our word counts. The only problem is, Google loves length.
And control your bounce rate. You probably don’t even look at that analytic anymore. But Google does. And if people are, to quote Avinash Kaushik, “puking and leaving” when they see your site, Google sees that, too.