Pay-per-click marketing is a way for search engine advertising to come up with clicks to your site, than just “earning” clicks normally. For example, when you go onto a website you’ll see little yellow tabs those are sponsor ads and that’s what is considered a pay-per-click. When your ad is clicked on, your sending visitors to your website, and your paying the search engines a small amount of money, which is called Pay Per Click.

  • Searchers– Studies show that searchers use paid ads more than any other digital advertisement. It simply means they don’t mind being advertised, as long as their products and services fit the needs of the users.
  • Advertisers They offer a unique way of sending out their message in front of an audience that is actively seeking out their product means.
  • Search Engine- They cater to searchers and advertisers together. With searchers they come to an understanding on the user-base, while advertisers provide them with revenue.

Google AdWords has the most popular platform for pay-per-click. They pay for each click on their advertisement and users bid on keywords. Then Google has to dig into the bidding AdWords advertisers and choose from a set of winners to appear in the ad space on the search results page.
When creating a new campaign you must keep up and manage them daily to make sure they are effective. Continuously analyzing the performance of your account and when you take at least 15-20 minutes a week you can make a big difference.
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