GPS check-in sites can let you know when you’re stuck somewhere, unknowingly with a friend nearby to help you pass the time. But let’s say you’re stuck somewhere with no friend in site?
Planely, a new social network for travelers, aims at helping you find a short-term friend while stuck in a terminal during transit. You simply log on to the site, or connect via Facebook and enter your flight details. And you’ll instantly see other travelers with a similar flight itinerary. If someone looks interesting, you can make an arrangement to meet up…or I supposed you could simply look around the terminal and try to find the person yourself?
I’m having a hard time seeing how this could catch on, though. If you’re not traveling alone, you wouldn’t be this bored. And unless your flight is delayed, is there really that much free time to make a new friend? At best, Planely is going to become a weird hookup site for frequent business travelers.