How to financially support the free that customers are looking for? That’s the 21st century question. And Photoboxi is one of the companies trying to figure it out. Photoboxi is a maker of portable digital photo booths that provides people with digital snapshots absolutely free.
How? Through advertising of course. The customer enters their e-mail address, phone number and social networking info. Then the photos get automatically delivered to those portals along with an advertiser’s logo or message in an accompanying photo frame. As the photos spread throughout the network, so does the advertiser’s message. Plus, the advertiser gets to keep the user’s e-mail address as well along with analytics regarding the photo sharing.
So, is that the full transaction story? Unfortunately, no. Right now, Photoboxi simply rents out these units to venues for small periods of time. The ideal solution is for these units to be completely self-standing, serving and operational. But right now, the advertising only must not cover that. Once it does, expect similar offerings to start sprouting everywhere.