Like the drummer is the backbone of a band, the setup of a pay per click management campaign is the backbone to your internet marketing. A setup takes a while to complete if you take into account that each theme, city or product should have its own ad group or campaign depending on traffic or conversions. Many companies out there do not take the time to do a correct setup, and you will notice it in your results. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. At Windy City Strategies, we take the time to create the best account that we possibly can. First we analyze your company’s website and the types of products or services you sell. We research your competitors and the particular industry trends for that market. Then we define your objectives for your pay per click management account, and give realistic expectations. We are the experts in our field, while you are the experts in yours, and combining that knowledge is crucial. After we have spoken to you about your goals, and have consulted you on the strategy to reach those goals, it is time to do the keyword research.

The keyword research is where your goals, competitor research, products or services, and industry trends all come together to create a list of words that will blanket the community to get the most qualified and relevant traffic to your website. As you can see, this is very important. We will create this list of keywords that will be broken up into ad groups for your review along with the corresponding ad and send it to you the customer for review. At Windy City Strategies, we want to keep you involved with this entire process and stay as transparent as we can with internet consulting.

Once the keywords have been approved, we will set the budget for the campaign, and direct where you want these ads to be shown, whether it is towards a local, national, or global audience. At this point the setup is complete, and we are about 2-3 days into it, depending on the size of the account’s services or products being advertised.

Now there are many companies out there that say they do pay per click management, but to what level? Some do not charge any setup, while some charge a set one-time fee, but at Windy City Strategies we customize the setups based on each account’s needs, and we are up front about this the whole time.