The key to a great pay per click management account is being able to write targeted ad text. A clear and compelling ad is needed to drive a potential customer to click your ad, or you are just one of the other ads, and you do not want that.
Let’s take a look what is needed to write a clear, well-written, specific and compelling ad.
1. Make sure you have a call to action like buy, purchase and order. Try to stay away from find or search, because that implies that the customer is in awareness or interest mode, and does not encourage the potential customer to click the ad.
2. Include the searched keyword in the title, since that is what the customer is looking to find. The search engines will bold it also, which will help your pay per click management ad get noticed.
3. Have the ad relate to the landing page that they will go to, because you do not want to mislead the customer. Doing this right will help in your sales cycle and help with Google AdWords advertising quality scores.
4. Make sure your ad gets to the point and fast. You have limited space, so make sure you say what needs to be said.
5. Write more than one ad, because you want to do a/b testing to see which ad performs better, and keep improving on this every couple of months.
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