One of the most difficult things to get clients to understand is that we don’t know everything about their sites, and to get proper pay per click management services a client has to understand their role in the advertising. The role of a pay per click manager is to bring qualified and relevant traffic to the website by using keywords that pertain to their business. To get the most efficient traffic, we would bring them to the best page on their site to convert on, and we call this a destination URL. The clients role for this is to make sure that their pay per click manager knows if a URL gets changed due to an update or a creating a brand new website. We can not read a clients mind, so if this is not told to us, a dead link could be advertised for a while, and that cuts into a clients rate on investment.
This can also happen if a client does not tell us if a hosting company is updating a server or changing to a different one. Your pay per click management manager needs to know this, as we do not receive the emails from the hosting company. A simple pause of an account can save a client some money, and not give them a headache when they find out they spent money going to nowhere. Some simple internet marketing consulting by your pay per click manager will get you the synergy you need to work great together for a long time.
Windy City Strategies account managers have been in the Internet marketing industry for over 10 years and will improve your online marketing with our industry leading Internet marketing consulting, search engine optimization and pay per click marketing.