All medical websites should include a home page, service page, treatment, directions and parking, contact forms and educational history. Most practices understand that those main pages are very important to have. Here are a few things to check off when creating your site.

1) New Patient

On your medical website, it contains a new patient form for them to fill out before they can come to into your office. It’s also best to include a fact sheet on some commonly asked questions.

2) Having information in all languages

Not everyone can speak English, in your common area. Make a note that you have other files for those who speak another language, so they don’t feel left out.

3) Web Portal Login and Prescription Refill

A link should be provided for patients that want to log into your site. Including information about prescription refill policies.

4) Health Insurance

Listing all Health insurance companies on your medical site that you include. This is also a great way for users to get an idea on what other companies have to offer as far as, payment plans, fees, and billing. Less phones calls about it all the better.

5) After Hours

If it’s an emergency, or a medical call post your information on your site, so your patients are able to reach you at all times.

For more information contact Windy City Strategies, we can help you insure that your site will be user friendly and make sure your site is up to date on the latest information.