Today we are going to discuss how to organize your Google AdWords management account better. The way you setup your account is the difference between success or eventual failure. So here are some tips to organize your Google AdWords account more logically at a campaign and ad group level.

Google AdWords marketing
gives you the basic structure to work with, so really it is up to you to decide how you want to organize your campaign and ad groups.
Every keyword targeted account starts with a campaign. Each campaign, whether you have one or more needs to reflect a goal. Ask yourself, “What you would like to gain from this campaign.” Are you trying to sell more product, a service, information, a certain audience, or more leads?
Well, here are some ways to organize your campaigns:
1. Product or Themes – safety vests, specific vitamin, etc
2. Use your website structure – Use the categories you have on your website as campaigns or ad groups.
3. Brands – If you sell jeans, use Levi, Lee, Gap, etc
4. Geography – Organize by the city or state that you target.
5. Language – Target the different languages that you target.
6. Distribution Preferences – Separate your search based keywords from your content network.
7. Budgets – Have different budget based on your campaigns.
Try mapping your account structure on paper first, and then you can get a good game plan when you translate it over to your Google AdWords management account.
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