A recent study by GroupM and Nielsen shows that organic search results are dominating paid advertisements. Businesses are realizing the need to engage the advertisement’s viewers. A successful ad should be supported by an efficient business, so Windy City Strategies suggests the following to increase your businesses relevance.
1. Build your Brand.
If your business’s brand is memorable to the consumer, they will easily find you on search engines. GroupM and Nielsen’s study shows that the first result of branded searches is chosen 80% of the time. On the contrary non-branded searches are chosen only 35% of the time. Authorship also betters your ranking and attracts consumers. Blogs not only add to your buzzwords, but also help you connect with your clients.
2. Have Rich Snippets.
Rich snippets also help gain consumers. Even if consumers aren’t searching for your business specifically, the relevance of your business’s blurb attract customers. The closer their search terms is to your business the more likely they are click your website.
3. Review and Revise.
Most importantly marketing is not a one time task. Reviewing the success of your current strategies can uncover the holes in your strategy. You can refine your campaign to increase relevant traffic.
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