Starting significantly behind the head start the Apple Store App Market had, 100,000 apps have been submitted to the Android Store in the last five months alone, with the official number of user submission topping 200,000 in entirety.
Now, even though the Android Market App Store is an “open” market, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything the average mobile app developer makes gets through. There are certain content restrictions, and there are certain technical restrictions (too many bugs and you might get booted). But even with that, the Android Market has 83,000 live and active apps available for download, unlike a much stingier Apple store.
So, what’s better? Does the Android user really need 648 different apps that can check the weather for them. No. But, in this democratized app world, the people get to decide the cream that floats to the top. And that’s where developers are going to want to be. And if that’s where the developers are playing, then the cream’s going to get sweeter in Android Land pretty quick.