Real-time search engine OneRiot launched RiotWise Trending Ad Units, which refresh what’s trending on the social web automatically. 

Before, these trending ads were only available through OneRiot’s API, which means developers would need to create a customized user interface for their ads.

RiotWise Trending Ads will link the newest published and most relevant content from OneRiot’s network of media partners. The company says that real-time relevance of ads will, in turn, lead to click through rates at four times what the industry is used to seeing.

“RiotWise Trending Ad Units serve fresh content that’s relevant right now,” said Tobias Peggs, GM, and OneRiot. 

“It’s perfect for social networks, real-time meme trackers and other social sharing services where users are primarily in discovery mode and rabidly consume content related to trending topics. Now those sites have a smart way to monetize with an ad product that makes sense to their users.”

Publishers can call the trending ad units just like they would with any call standard ad units.

Since the launch last December, OneRiot’s Trending Ads is seeing a big growth spurt across Twitter applications, social media messaging desktops and real-time search engines.