Internet marketing keeps growing while newspapers keep folding. This is not a good trend for print marketing, but we have known for a couple years now that website marketing is rapidly taking the place of print media in terms of advertising. Since January of this year 120 newspapers have shut down, and more are in the midst of being sold or in bankruptcy protection. The recession has a major role in this crisis with big advertisers in the auto industry, real estate, and local business not being able to advertise in the newspaper like they did before. Also the classifieds are taking a big hit with Craigslist and, which in turn has really cut into the profits of newspapers.
Well what does this mean for all of us? Well most likely there no longer will be any two newspaper towns, and even then, they will have to create an online paper, and get advertising from there. Newspapers in general are way behind with social media tools and online publishing tools, which means they have lost young readers. News is still in high demand, but you can get a lot of it by paying nothing and just going to the web or cell phone. All this is putting newspapers in such a hole that they may never get out of it, but if they are, they need to move fast, and create a better website marketing strategy.
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