Last Thursday Google announced two new reports within Google AdWords to help businesses better understand how people are finding their business online. Windy City Strategies shares how the new paid and organic reports can evaluate your business’s search engine performance.
1. Finding more keywords. The organic report will show where your business appears in organic search results that have no paid ads.
2. Optimizing high value queries. Within this report, you’ll be able to improve your presence with paid results and track organic results.
3. Reviewing made easy. Using these reports, you’ll be able to see the impact from bid adjustments, budget changes, or keyword variations.
4. Track trending traffic. In efforts to integrate multiple Google services, Google has offered the report to evaluate trends over any time period – daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
With last month’s Google AdWords change to Enhanced Campaigns, mobile marketing has taken center stage. Internet marketers are encouraged to start their mobile campaigns and pay mind to their business’s image on mobile. Google is trying to provide businesses with as much information as possible to help businesses understand even the small details of their business’s performance.
Success online is hard to achieve if you don’t understand your current standing. To start your business’s Internet marketing campaign, contact us today.