Google announced multiple new features for Google Maps. This preview is something that people have been requesting and is the most requested feature. It allows you to make multiple stops if you are running errands or taking a road trip with friends. By clicking on the ‘+’ it will add whatever destination you need throughout your trip. Available for walking, driving and biking distances, it will map out the fastest and most convenient route according to your way of travel.
They are trying to make things easier by having all of your important dates and information in one place. By doing this Google also added the ability for you to see flight, hotel and restaurant reservations you may have as well. Google is trying to make it easier to manage, such as appointment details and planning your commute, by having all of your stuff in one place.
Google’s product manager Florian Goerisch says, “This info is available when you’re signed into Google, and only you can see it.” It is a safe app to use and a great tool to help people organize themselves; especially for those who have busy schedules for work and travel often.
It also allows you to see upcoming events when searching certain venues. This new feature is something that users have been waiting for and are excited to see this rolling out. Google’s new map feature is available on the iPhone and Android.
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