Apple typically stays strict to a yearly product release cycle. And that would mean that we wouldn’t get the next iPad ’til next Spring. But some rumors are currently swirling around that consumers may see the latest iPad, or iPad options, by the holiday season.
Obviously, this would be ideal for the company as more and more competitors are starting to pop up in the tablet world. And this is because Apple created the market for it. They were never going to stop with just one. One computer? One iPod? The line is coming. And it may be coming quicker than we originally thought.
So, what do the rumors lead us to believe the new iPad might be like? Well, they don’t. Just that one’s coming. So let’s be intuitive. The lack of USB is the big complaint people have with the iPad, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to get solved in round 2. During his keynote, Steve Jobs hinted about HDR photo capabilities with the next-generation iPad (a sidebar that went completely under the radar). So, look for a more compact iPad with a camera for FaceTime. Hopefully in time for the holidays.