Being a leading pay per click management firm, we were asked by Google AdWords to test a new interface back in November. Last week, Google AdWords announced that they are expanding this new beta to more U.S advertisers along with additional countries like the U.K. and Australia.
The new interface makes your Google AdWords pay per click management campaign faster, clearer and more intuitive. This will help to find your most important keywords across ad groups, go through and change things in your account faster, and get to your reports quicker and then act on them.
Now here are the features that the new beta Google AdWords interface is testing:
1. Performance graphs – Custom graphs on every campaign page. This is great to see trends over time and act on them quickly.
2. Ad Group Insight – This is a great feature. Here you can see all your keywords across all ad groups on a single tab. You can edit your keywords, ads or placements in one spot.
3. In line editing – Another great feature to help your Google AdWords marketing. Now instead of opening a separate page to change a bid, you can make the change in-line.
4. Easier Content Network Management – Here you will be able to see statistics on where your ads have been placed, and from the report you can set unique bids or exclude placements. Much easier than the system Google AdWords had in place previously.
Now Google AdWords wants to remind anybody using the new beta Google AdWords interface that not all features in the previous interface are currently supported, so you still need to use both interfaces, and that is easy to switch between.
For more information about the new interface, check out this Google blog.
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