With all of the talk about Apple TV, Google TV and Boxee taking over cable television, we may have been underestimating the current leader in online pay entertainment. Yes, the same company that took down the mighty king Blockbuster.
Because Netflix on-demand video streaming now represents more than 20% of Internet traffic during peak times in the U.S. Think about how crazy that is. And with so many subscribers (16.9 million as of September 2010) currently satisfied with NetFlix’s offering, it might be easier for NetFlix to start offering new content via application than for an up-and-comer to cut into its amazing share.
Because NetFlix already works with so many devices, including the ones we’ve been talking about beating it, along with Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. So, as long as NetFlix can keep the television content coming, which it has greatly increased over the last 3 years, NetFlix may be here to stay.