Some people read every Tweet in their feed. You know when you log on and it says 565 new messages? Some people go back and catch up. I think I did my first week or so, when I was still only following a handful of people. But once you go over the 100 follower mark, you’re not going to have time for that. The downside? You might have missed out on something awesome.
Facebook has a solution to this problem. They offer the “Top News” and “Most Recent” feed. But where’s Twitter’s “Top News”? Well, My6Sense has developed that solution via Chrome extension. My6Sense monitors the links you click on, the tweets you retweet, who you follow and the keywords you seem to be interested in, all in order to provide you with a prioritized Twitter timeline.
For those looking for this, they’ll love it. But for me, Twitter’s big advantage is its real-time ability. And I’m ok with missing some things.