You have been asked to create a webpage for your practice, and you say yes, but have no idea what to do. Before you start having palpitations, remember that creating a site today is nothing compared to the internet’s code-heavy beginnings. Here are a few tips for creating a successful and functional website.
Your Domain Name
First thing first, create a web-housing plan and then a domain name for your practice. Your domain name should be your website name. It’s easy for people to find your website through the major search engines.
CMS stands for Content Management System, which means this is the core function of visually presenting information on websites. WordPress is recommend because it has a intuitive nature and user-friendly approach. It’s also Free! Who doesn’t love free?
Having A Theme Or Not
Web development has been growing for quite sometime. Everyone has their own type of website, those who have a theme and then those who don’t. For places that don’t have a theme those are the ones who makes things from scratch. As for the ones who do use a theme they start with a web browsing functionality and the design is taken into account.  The theme is defined as a set of files that contains everything for a website. Images, colors, fonts, styles, etc.
What To Say
Have a About Us section, and it gives you the opportunity to speak directly to everyone and explain what your services are. Also include certifications, and awards that make you stand out. Always include contact information, it makes it easy for clients and patients to contact you when they need you.
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