Social media has quickly become popular among business and it’s only going to get bigger. New research, however, from E-Consultancy, in association with the Online Marketing Summit, shows that many businesses are mostly still in the experimental stage when it comes to their efforts.

The reports state that 61 percent of businesses have experimented with social media, but haven’t done much. However, many other stats are showing that businesses are beginning to get the hang of social media and understand that it’s important.

More than two-thirds of company respondents have said the amount of money that’s spent on social media went up since last year, while 30 percent believe it’s stayed the same, while 81 percent f companies are expecting the social media budget to increase over the next where, while 18 percent are expecting it to stay the same.

While companies are still experimenting with social media, the results strong enough to keep using it and expand on the potential use of social media helping a business grow even more.