More and more online retailers are hustling to get their mobile marketing initiatives up to speed with consumer demand.
A new study from Forrester Research and shows that 74% of online retailers are currently developing or already have a mobile strategy in place to help support their cross-channel experience. But while these companies are spending quite a lot of investment capital on this medium, they are not yet experiencing overwhelming revenue gains from it (just 3% of overall site traffic and 2% of overall revenue).
The problem is that retailers are using old-school promotional tactics with new-world technology. Coupons. Simple product information. Whereas, they need to rethink one-way marketing altogether, and start utilizing social media tactics within social media technology. But this can be hard to plan for in a technological world that keeps evolving.
That may be why paid search, email and affiliate marketing continue to command the biggest part of online retailers’ marketing budgets, with nearly 40% of budgets going to paid search alone.