Paul Fend, the product management director of Google AdWords, shared a couple of new features of Google AdWord’s enhanced platform. Google originally planned to launch the updated platform mid-June, but has been pushed back to July 22, 2013, making PPC marketers excited to test out the new features. Fend revealed to the audiences at HeroConf, a conference devoted solely to PPC, the following features on the highly anticipated Enhanced Platform on Google AdWords:
Keyword Planner: This tool will help your firm decide what keywords to bid on. It helps research a combination of keywords and estimates the amount of traffic each keyword will get. The keyword planner will smoothen the two-tool system the PPC marketers had to fumble with previously.
Flexible Bid Strategies: This feature will allow you to adjust bids at the campaign, ad group, or keyword level. Flexible bidding will allow PPC marketers to bid by page position.
As a certified Google Partner, Windy City Strategies has had the opportunity to utilize the new platform before its release. We can attest to Google’s many improvements and their increased efficiency.