Ok, maybe they’re just sore losers. After all, Microsoft was an original backer of the HD DVD format. And well, my sympathies to you and your very small and brief collection if you jumped on that train.
But perhaps losing that battle simply gave Microsoft a broader perspective on digital media. For instance, is that why Microsoft decided to keep pricing on the XBox 360 low, and not include a forward-thinking optical format reader within the gaming system?Because that points to a digital download future.
And UK Xbox chief, Stephen McGill, points that way as well, claiming that “Actually, Blu-Ray is going to be passed by as a format.”
The logic behind it? That streaming content is getting better and better and better. And it’s winning over more and more and more people. It’s the future. And disc storage is becoming more and more antiquated. Now, the skeptic will hear that and say, Blu-Ray quality can never be streamed. But, that’s short-term thinking. That’s HD DVD thinking. And Microsoft has already learned its lesson.