You have seen the ads lately with Microsoft attacking Apple, and now Microsoft is trying to unseat Google AdWords advertising‘s stake in search engine marketing with Bing. The software giant is set to launch a $80 million to $100 million campaign to try and gain back some online marketing share. This is an extremely large budget for a national roll out, so Microsoft is putting in a lot of effort to make waves in the Internet marketing world with the budget being spent on radio, TV, print and online.
To compare advertising dollars, Google spent a total of $25 million dollars with almost half of it going towards recruiting, so this is by far the largest assault they have ever seen. Now the problem is how they are going to get consumers to change, and insiders have said that Bing is not going to attack Google AdWords marketing and Yahoo directly, but convincing people that search is not working as well as thought and Bing solves this problem. A big challenge for Bing indeed.
So the question I have for everybody is, “Do you think search sucks?” If you don’t, will you still try Bing? Well the latest statistic says that 65% of people are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with online marketing. Good luck Bing.
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